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Our Bristol Link have been supporting the community of Protasevichi village since 2007, working with the Kindergarten, Elementary School and Senior School.

The village is suitated about twenty minutes drive Southwest of Osipovichi

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As well as these basic needs equipment has been funded for the gym (which is used by the whole community,) and the canteen as well as a refurbished laptop for each school.


Also equipment for the crafts workshop and audio equipment for the children's cultural education has been supplied.

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During the winter the temperature can reach -30 degrees Celcius, so keeping the school buildings warm has been a priority. Nearly every window in all three buildings has been replaced with basic (but robust) double-glazing.


The 9 traditional chimney stoves in the Senior School have been re-built and upgraded and extra beds and desks have been provided for the Elementary School.

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As well as all of the repair and renewal work that Bristol link has supported over the years they also bring eight to ten children from the village as part of their summer recuperative visit.

All of this is done with advice and guidance from Dennis at head office and locally with translation and transport support from all the wonderful leaders that they have got to know during this time.

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