Helping the children of Ukraine and their families

We are Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline Established more 30 years ago to support the children of Chernobyl, over the years we have expanded and diversified our operation so that whilst still caring for the children we now include supporting whole families, children’s Hospitals, Special Care Centres, Orphanages and Schools. Initially working in Belarus in 2008 we expanded our operation to Ukraine and now have a network of like minded associates including Social Workers, Local Village councils, Teachers, Doctors and many other professionals who work with us to deliver our support directly to the people where it is most needed.

Ukraine Crisis  We work primarily in the northern regions of Ukraine that are being badly affected by the current conflict and have no political affiliation. We are known & trusted by the local communities and our only interest is to help the children and their families by being there for them in their time of need.Please go to our Facebook page for updates.

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Projects As well as bringing children to the UK, the Charity is involved in support projects in Ukraine and Belarus benefitting children that are unable to travel.

Family Support Project Thanks to the generosity of hundreds of private donors we also help many hundreds of families with difficult life circumstances in Ukraine and Belarus.