The Bristol link has provided assistance to the local village schools  The village of Protachavici is about twenty minutes drive beyond the outskirts of Osipovichi, which is 120km south-east of Minsk. The road (such as it is) ends here, beyond is just forest. There are about one hundred typical wooden homes surrounding the school grounds.

Protesavichi Village.jpg

As soon as you leave the tarmac the tracks are sand and grass and the whole area is very quiet. We started supporting the school in 2006 and since then several of us have been to visit.

School Well.jpgOne of the first projects that we agreed to fund was the installation of inside toilets for one of the school buildings. You can see the well, which is conveniently only ten metres from the canteen, but it is also only thirty metres from the outside (soak-away) toilets!

We have also funded equipment for the school gymnasium that can be shared by the whole village (specially during the winter months), £300 to help build up the library and over £600's worth of toys for the kindergarten. We delivered the toys during visits to the school in October 2007 and May 2014- and we caused mayhem each time! We also have the chance to see the children that we had hosted during the previous summers, and find out what projects they have been working on with our donations.