Reactor 4

The Nuclear Disaster.

On April 26 1986 The reactor exploded

The empty space is where the reactor core used to be.

The contents were sent into the sky as highly radioactive dust, polluting large areas of Belarus and Ukraine

The Sarcophagus

This structure is all that protects us from the remains of the reactor.

Can YOU imagine  ...

living the rest of your life in a radioactive polluted environment.

There is no escape. Money cannot buy protection.

Can YOU imagine ... growing and eating food that may harm you and your family,

but having no other option?


The Totnes & South Hams Link in South Devon is a designated 'Area of  Outstanding Natural Beauty' 

incorporating Kingsbridge, Modbury, Dartmouth, Totnes and bordering Dartmoor. 

We bring children affected by Chernobyl to the South Hams for the holiday of a lifetime and we encourage

them to enjoy their surroundings whilst they are here. Many outdoor activities are included as part of their stay.



The children come to the UK, eat fresh food,

breath fresh air and go home with their

immune systems recharged.

They get to know people who do care. 

Please help us to help these children and improve their lives.

Welcome to the Totnes and South Hams Link














Can YOU Imagine











We would be delighted to hear from anyone who would like to act as a host/support family, or who could host the bilingual English/Russian speaking leader who accompanies t