Reactor 4

The Nuclear Disaster.

On April 26 1986 The reactor exploded

The empty space is where the reactor core used to be.

The contents were sent into the sky as highly radioactive dust, polluting large areas of Belarus and Ukraine

The Sarcophagus

This structure is all that protects us from the remains of the reactor.

Welcome to the South Essex Link

About Us 

Welcome to the South Essex Link of the Chernobyl Children Life Line.

We are part of a national charity founded in 1992 by Victor Mizzi M.B.E. Since then over 150 "Links" have been established throughout the United Kingdom,


The families that help the children in the Billericay area have a great time.

Host families welcome children into their homes as part of their own family. Over the years many hosts have acquired "extended families" as contact is maintained over the years with children that have stayed with them. Some hosts get very attached

The Family Support Project

Formerly the 1,000 Families Project at Chernobyl Children’s Life Line.

The Family Support Project is a way of helping children and families in Belarus and Ukraine who find it hard to afford the most basic necessities in life. 

When the Project started in 1998 it was called the 100 Families Project as the target at the time was to help 100 families.  This soon became 1,000 families and it was then we decided to re


The present borders of Belarus were established during the turmoil of World War II. The former Soviet republic was occupied by the Nazis between 1941 and 1944, when it lost 2.3 million people, including most of its large Jewish population. There are about 400,000 ethnic Poles living in the west of the country.

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Chairman: Matthew Craig-Greene


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We now have an easy way to donate to our charity via paypal.  Just log in and type in our email address (

Webmasters note (22/2/14): We will review the contents of this page when the current political situation has stablized.


As Europes second largest country Ukraine is a land of wide, fertile agricultural plains, with large pockets of heavy industry in the east. While Ukraine and Russia share common historical origins, the west of the country has close ties with its European neighbours, particularly Poland, and Ukrainian nationalist sentiment is