Portsmouth/Hayling Link  

Visit to Ukraine September 2012.

Our Chair person Marian has recently returned from the official trip to Ukraine and we asked her to let us know about her trip.

I and can honestly say it was the most rewarding trip I have ever been on. This trip was very different from my previous trips to Belarus as I met some local goverment officals and the Mayor of Koreston.

These people couldnt have been more appreciating of what we as a charity do for there children, I received a reception fit for a queen when I visited Borodanka, the area which our link has hosted two sets of children.



It was lovely to meet the childrens families and to hear from them first hand what an absolutely amazing time there children had with us and how they send there love to each and everyone of us.






I also went to Priyet one on the evacuated villiages and saw the empty crumbleing homes and the disused fairground, it was very serile and I must admit quite frightening, I struggle to understand how anyone affected by Chernobyl moved on from this disaster and my hat goes off to each and everyone of them.

I also fullfilled my wish of visiting the Chernobyl Power Plant and seeing with my own eyes reactor number 4, I remember standing next to it thinking, this is where it all started, it was a very emotional day.

I came back all fired up and having recently been given the job of Area Co-ordinator of the South Region I now endevour to visit all links in my area that didnt host last year and put that fire back in there bellys and get as many children over next year as possible.

If you would like to see the photos from the visit please see our Web Gallery