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Terms and Conditions

This web site covers the core information and that entered by individual Links (local groups) of the Charity, such as www.ccll.org.uk/testtown or testtown.ccll.org.uk.

We welcome other related web sites to link to us, but please, out of courtesy, ensure that our web site is shown in a full page.

The common core

This information is free to use by any Link within the charity, the copyright however remains with the core providors. Similarly if anyone contributes to the core, they must ensure that they have permission from any copyright owner to provide the information.

The core use cookies for system navigation and not for tracking purposes. All session details are destroyed 30 minutes after any activity on the site. We do not hold information on you unless you register your details with us so that you may participate in the members-only area.

The common core and components do not use any advertising banners or pop-ups and we urge the participating Links to do likewise.

Links web sites

  1. These are provided free of charge to all Links within the charity to promote the hosting of children living in Belarus and affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.
  2. The ownership of the web site resides with the link and not the author. Any content or photographs loaded onto the web site, must have the owner's consent, and will then come under the ownership of the Link.
  3. The Link takes all responsability for the content. In the event of a complaint about the content being lodged in writing to the address below, the Link will be notified and the offending information must be removed immediately. Failure to do so will result in your web site being removed from the internet.
  4. We do not expect any sexual, crude, offensive, libellous or outright political content to be published.
  5. The Link will ensure that they have a complete backup of their site and information.
  6. The webmasters of the overal web site take no responsability whatsoever as to the functionality, integrity or performance of the site.


If you have any complaints regarding any part of this web site, you may write to

CCLL - webmaster,  Chernobyl Children's Life Line, 6 Hartley Business Park,Selborne Road, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 3HD

If we deem the complaint to be founded we will notify the owning Link and ensure that the information is removed.