Portsmouth/Hayling Link  


What we do to help these Children


The Portsmouth & Hayling Island Link (PHIL) of the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line Charity (CCLL) each year we arrange for children to visit Portsmouth and Hayling Island on a recuperative break from Belarus or the Ukraine.

You may already know that as a consequence of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in April 1986, many of the children from Belarus and the Ukraine suffer from or will go on to develop genetic blood disorders, thyroid & bone cancers and leukemia and / or experience social hardship.

It is difficult to understand the hardships that these children and their families have to live with day by day, as we here in the UK have the NHS to provide health care, and the Government provides benefits to those who need it, which is not the case in the Chernobyl areas.

The children that are selected from 10,000’s of children who could benefit from a visit, but many of the visiting children are careers for other sick family members, or may be orphans or are subjected to forms of abuse or other social hardships.

The four week recuperative break, away from contaminated food, water and air boosts their immune systems to make a real difference to their health which enhances their wellbeing.

Many of the children arrive with only the clothes they are wearing and in some cases they have borrowed clothing for their visit, we provide the children with donated clothing, and the essential items they will need during the visit and items for them to return home with to make their family lives a little bit easier.

We arrange for the children to have dental treatments and also visit the opticians to have their eyes tested and have glasses for those who need them

Our team is made up from Committee members, Host Families, Friends, Supporters and both Corporate and Personal Sponsors who support the work we do throughout the year, helping us to raise the much needed funds to make these trips possible. All of these undertake this voluntary and anyone with direct contact with the children are routinely CRB checked.

Along with the dental and opticians visits we have to include educational visits to help develop the children during their time here, this is enhanced by the host families who help the children throughout the visit.

We then make all the other activities as much fun as possible, the pace at times is hectic but we do add in time for the host families to have time to bond with the children and interact within the family groups.


We are certain the children take home so many happy and fond memories from their visits and that for many of them it is a chance of a life time as they may never get to visit the UK again.

Each year we need to raise approximately £8,000 to cover the travel costs and the running of the events throughout the visit.  The support we receive from our local communities, local businesses and sponsors is generally in the region of £6,000, without this generosity we would not be able to host the children.

There are many children’s charities across the world, but for the children who are affected by the Chernobyl disaster, no amount of money can ever put this back as they were only time will see the end to the contamination.

We are always looking for help, and if you believe you can help in any way please contact us at portsmouth@ccll.org.uk . On our website there is information on how you can help; we also have photos from the visits and our Events in our Web Gallery to see what we get up too.

The work we do is all about making a difference to the children that are lucky enough to get the recuperative break.

Please help if you can!  Thanks!