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Clothing and Suitcase Donations Needed


We need children's clothing from ages 10 to 15 years and Suitcases with wheels, although we will accept all clothing provided its in good condition and cases without wheels.

During the children's visit we host a clothing day, where the children are allowed to have two suit cases each to fill with the donated clothes .


We have had children that arrive in just the clothes that they have on or have been made at home, we have also had children that have had to borrow clothing or shoes from family members before they travel.

The children have a great time and enjoy getting their new clothes.

In Belarus and Ukraine there is no social or Health care benefits and the cost of living is similar to the UK, this makes the social and economic conditions worst for the children and their families. Most of the children have to live day by day dealing with the social conditions that we would not except in the UK.

We have become a throwaway society, when clothes just don't fit or they are no longer in fashion, but we can use these for the Chernobyl children and rest assured that these children really appreciate them.

If you can help by collecting from your family and friends, or if you belong to church or social groups they can all help with the collecting and donating. Also schools, colleges or work colleagues can also be worth asking.


To download a Poster :  Clothes Needed Poster   Suitcases Needed Poster


Please make contact with us: portsmouth@ccll.org.uk


We can really use your help and this is also good for the environment as the clothes are passed to the children and therefor recycled, and they will be passed them on to brothers and sister or others that may be in their home or orphanage

Thank you for your support