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Chernobyl Liquidator Heroes







Over 600,000 Civilian and Military Liquidators were involved with the clean-up of the Power Plant and the surrounding area.

The volunteers were only allowed to be in the power station for 90 seconds or less.

The tasks included:

A reinforced concrete slab with a built-in cooling system beneath the reactor. This involved digging a tunnel from underneath Reactor 3. About 400 people worked on this tunnel which was completed in 15 days

Decontamination of the reactor block, site and roads

Burying the Worm Wood Forest ‘Red Forest’

Construction of the Sarcophagus and the town for the reactor personnel.

The Liquidators were awarded a Chernobyl Clean-up Medal


The Liquidator Witnesses were considered Hero's but now have to fight for recognition and some would say they are now the forgotten Hero's