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Berlin Conference hosted by I.B.B. - 18th to 21st October 2012

Our Marian Stapley and Ben Baker were lucky enough to be invited to I.B.B.’s Conference held in Berlin 18th to 21st October 2012. This was a huge honour as I.B.B. are the German company responsible for bringing the Chernobyl liquidators to the UK in April 2012.

Marian reported "We had a very intense informative 4 days (with the odd german beer thrown in!!) and spent the time with many others nationalities including German, Spanish, Belarussion and Ukrainians all involved in the same project."

This years project to bring liquidators over to talk about there experiences was so successful,  I.B.B. have promised to bring 20 liquidators over next year during Chernobyl Awareness week in April. 

"Peter Junge-Wentrup CEO of I.B.B. personally would like to convey his thanks to the Portsmouth & Hayling Island Link for making our week with Alexander so informative and enjoyable for all involved, i would also like to thank everyone for there support and hard work during that week to make it the huge success as it was."

In April 2013 we will be having two liquidators, Alexander and Andre who was one of the first helicopter piolets to fly over Chernobly when it went up.

We would like to ask if anyone has any suggestions to where to hold more talks for the Liqudators visit in April please contact us.



We have also added the photos from the IBB Conference on to our Web Gallery