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 Easy Fund Raising

 We are using a site called Easy Fund Raising, this site allows good causes to raise funds when people shop or search online.



 These are only some of the many retailers that support the Easy Fund Raising site.

  Raise money for CCLL - Portsmouth & Hayling Island LINK - PHIL

One is to when you search for things please use the following search page, then every search adds towards our total.



Easy Search



Another way is to join our Easy Fundraising page and then if to buy any items on line we then get given a donation for getting you to visit the company’s site. Just Click the link below and register and you are up and running.


Raise money for CCLL  - Portsmouth & Hayling Island  LINK - PHIL

PHIL Easy Fundraising



If you are involved in a charity or a good cause you may want to sign up for your cause to raise funds, if so would you please use the following link as a referral, we only started this a week ago and we are slowly getting people joining and raising funds.


PHIL-CCLL Referral

 Please give it a try and pass it around to family, friends and colleagues as the more the merrier.

Thanks you for your support, see if you can join and top our leader board.


On the Deals Tab, there is ’Raise funds for free’ - if you download the tool bar that get you 50p for each user.   

There are  also several other areas where you can sign up to things and raise addition fund with out even buying things.

Give it a Try its working for us!