Portsmouth/Hayling Link  

Portsmouth and Hayling Island Link

The Portsmouth & Hayling Island Link are lead by our Chair Person Marian Stapley, who is supported by host families, our committee, friends and supporters.

Our Link take children in the pre teenage years (normally 10-13 years) as this is when their thyroid gland is developing. The short time in the UK eating and drinking clean uncontaminated food and breathing uncontaminated air is a huge benefit to their health and greatly reduces the risk of contracting thyroid cancer as adults.


The children arrive in Portsmouth during June and are mainly from regions near to Minsk in Bearus or Kiev in the Ukraine.

The children have a wonderful time with their host families, and the Link, and have many days out. They are fortunate enough to visit the Dentist and the Optician whilst they are here and also to receive any treatment that they needed.

We are certain the children will take home so many happy and fond memories from their visit. Also, they are given nutritional food and drinks during their visit, which enhances their lives and wellbeing.

We would like to express our thanks to everyone who support the Link and the childrens visits.

We add pictures to the website Galleries of the events and would like to thank our supporters for their continuing support.

Our fund raising continues for the next years visit of Children during June, we will provide updates on our events and activities as the year continues.

If you can support the CCLL in any way please make contact with us or your local link, please use the search facilities on the right hand side of the Home page to find the link nearest you and get in touch with them. They will be pleased to hear from you, and happy to help.