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Portsmouth Aviation Limited collecting Clothes for Chernobyl Children

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Our Vice Chair Rob Baker has organised collections of second hand clothing to raise much needed funds for the PHIL CCLL.

Oats So Simple and Wave 105


Our Events Coordinator Star  entered Marian it to the Wave 105 event to thank people from the local Community for the hard work they do.  Apparently Marian believes this is her best side!  Email :chair.portsmouth@ccll.org.uk   Tel :07952 290124

See the Wave 105 Gallery wave_logo.bmp

Charity Clothing Bins

We have been lucky enough to have three Clothing Recycling Bins positioned in the Dockyard in Portsmouth which has enabled our Link to benifit from using the clothing to support the children when they visit and also to raise funds to support the recuprative breaks.

If you have unwanted good quality clothing that you would like to donate please contact us. email: fund.portsmouth@ccll.org.uk

Chernobyl Children’s Life Line presentation to Mayfield Secondary School

As part of the awareness process Rosie Lunn aged 13, gave a presentation to the whole of year 8 ( 230 people) of Mayfield Secondary School she was assisted by Lauren Sharpe and Shawnie Guy.

Rosie has her Poem about Chernobyl Children published.

Rosie Lunn aged 12, who is one of our Host families daughter, has recently entered a poetry competition and was selected to have her poem published for the Poetry Matters book.

The Chernobyl children

Waiting for the minibus

Excited, nervous,

Practising last minute Russian.

For the girls will be here any moment.

The girls who are part of our family for the month.

Girls who are on a respite holiday

From the radiation at home.

The bus is here!

They all start getting off,

Looking scared

I watch them smiling,

Wondering which two are ours.

We�re introduced by the leader.

I hug the girls and smile.

They look scared and nervous

As I introduce myself in Russian.

They smile at the thought I can speak bits of their language.

We all climb in the car

And begin to drive home.

I look forward to the month ahead

Knowing we’ll have laughs,

But at the same time

Dread the day they leave,

Knowing many tears will be shed

As they climb on the minibus

For the last time.