Portsmouth/Hayling Link  

Marian’s Great South Run 2010

On Sunday 24th October our Chairperson Marian Sapley took part in the BUPA Great South Run to raise funds for the Portsmouth & Hayling Island Link of the Chernobyl Children’s Life Line.


Home safe and sound, a very tired but proud Marian with her well earned medal and her tin foil cape.

Marian arrived at Southsea Seafront just after 9.15 on Sunday morning, the following are photos from the day.

2010_10_24_GSR__1_.JPG 2010_10_24_GSR__2_.JPG 2010_10_24_GSR__3_.JPG 2010_10_24_GSR__17_.jpg

Marian started at 11.20 am, from the start at the Blue Reef on Southsea seafront 

2010-10-24-GSR (168)_1.jpg 2010-10-24-GSR (167)_1.jpg

Still running at the 5 mile marker, and on towards the 6 mile marker

2010_10_24_GSR__50_.jpg 2010_10_24_GSR__52_.jpg 2010_10_24_GSR__54_.jpg

Just after the 9 mile marker Marian have the end in sight


Marian sprinting to the finish

2010_10_24_GSR__84_.jpg 2010_10_24_GSR__85_.jpg 2010_10_24_GSR__86_.jpg 2010_10_24_GSR__87_.jpg

Marian is cheered across the line at 2 hours and 50 minutes.

2010_10_24_GSR__90_.jpg 2010-10-24-GSR (100)_1.jpg

As Marian finished she interviewed by a nice young reported from the Portsmouth News.

2010_10_24_GSR__129_.jpg 2010_10_24_GSR__146_.jpg 2010_10_24_GSR__159_.jpg 2010_10_24_GSR__16_.JPG

A very tired and proud Marian after the race.

Marian’s time was 2:48:26 and her overall position was 14844


The LINK would like to thank Marian for her hard work and dedication to the cause and in raising close to £3,000 towards next years total to allow the children from Chernobyl area to visit.

If you have sponsored Marian, then many thanks for your support.