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Hog Roast in Hayling Island

On Friday 15th October we hosted a Hog Roast at Northney Village Hall on the Island. The event was organised our Secretary Sue, ably assisted by Kay from one of our Host families.


Marian our Chairperson welcomed everyone to the evening and explained how our LINK operates and that we now have closer ties to Hayling Island.  She also talked about the Chernobyl area and how we need to raise funds each year to allow for our work to continue.


We had arranged for several activities during the evening. We started up with DJ Sam on the Disco (assisted by Emily), and Veronica got things moving by teaching a few Line dances. Simon was the man with the Hog Roast.

PHIL_HogRoast__54_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__4_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__98__1.JPG

We also had a local band "Strawberry Blonde", performing during the evening, and we finished the night off with the Disco.


We even had time to fit in a raffle, a Blackout, a draw for 4 tickets for the Pompey v Watford game which were donated by the Portsmouth FC Study Centre and a free Prize draw for a bottle of Pink Champagne donated by Sue.


The evening was a great success and the turnout was terrific with nearly 130 people turning up to support our LINK, and the evening raised just under £1500. We would like to thank everyone who supported the event and special thanks to several individuals who gave donation pledges towards next years visit of children from the Chernobyl area.

We took quite a few photos during the evening and a selection of these follow, as theses are on the website they are not high resolution if you would like copies of the photos we have added a selection to the Hayling Forum Gallery, our alternatively email us on hog-roast-pics@phil-ccll.org.uk amd we will send then to you if you tell us the photo numbers you would like.

The Guests

PHIL_HogRoast__12_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__13_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__14_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__16_.JPG

PHIL_HogRoast__22_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__8_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__23_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__31_.JPG

PHIL_HogRoast__32_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__33_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__34_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__35_.JPG

PHIL_HogRoast__36_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__37_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__38_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__39_.JPG

PHIL_HogRoast__40_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__57_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__64_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__51_.JPG

PHIL_HogRoast__68_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__48_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__47_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__46_.JPG

PHIL_HogRoast__15_.JPG PHIL-HogRoast (30)_1.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__29_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__18_.JPG

The Hog Roast


The Band - Strawberry Blonde

PHIL_HogRoast__60_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__221_.JPG

Let the Fun begin!

PHIL_HogRoast__175_.JPG PHIL-HogRoast (106)_1.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__108_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__150_.JPG

PHIL_HogRoast__214_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__236_.JPG PHIL_HogRoast__130_.JPGPHIL_HogRoast__141_.JPG

Happy Birthday Sam


Thanks to everyone who supported the event and gave donations.  Special thanks to Sue and Kay who organised the evening.

More Photos on our Picture Gallery