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Treasure Hunt around Southsea and Old Portsmouth - 19 September 2010




We were lucky enough to have good weather for the Treasure Hunt around the Old Portsmouth area of Southsea, although we only had five teams take part, it was a competative hunt.

100_0827.JPG 100_0828_1.JPG 100_0829.JPG 

Keep looking everyone the Guard House was there but it did get demolished in 1883.

100_0826.JPG  100_0822.JPG  100_0823.JPG

Marian playing catch up   - Emily helping with the collectables -  Come on Mathew, Jack’s on a mission.

100_0821.JPG  100_0825.JPG  100_0824.JPG

John, Nicola and George  - Keep going Linda - Are you both working together

100_0831.JPG   100_0834.JPG   100_0843.JPG

Jo, Alan & Megan found the Humphries of Broad Street - Its on the rock behind you - Look across the road.

100_0832.JPG    100_0833.JPG   100_0835.JPG

  That’s it you found it  - Yes its Bath Square or the Point  -  Are you using your Phone Jack

100_0837.JPG  100_0836.JPG  100_0840.JPG

Is that finger loaded Alan?  - Chris deep in thought  -  Chance for a quick sit down

030.JPG   040.jpg   042.jpg

Is that Phone rining?  - How many Windows?  - That’s Capstan House!

100_0845.JPG   100_0847.JPG  100_0849.JPG

The "Red Hots" were pipped at the post by Team "Rats" to win the Treasure Hunt.  Only 3 points was the difference,  It was that Hovercraft ticket that won it!

Our thanks go out to all who took part and made the day great fun,  we also raised £43 towards the Link total.


Also many thanks the New Theatre RoyalPortsmouth Museums and Bowlplex (Gunwharf) for donating the prizes.