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Summer Fete - 28th August 2010

Our Link hosted a Summer Fete to raise funds towards next years visit we have a target of £8000 to raise each year to cover the cost of arranging the visit of 12 children from the Chernobyl area for a recuperative break.

On the days running up to the Fete the weather was our biggest worry, but the weather turned for the good and a great day was had by all,  we raised


Following are pictures from the day.

Marian opening the Fete

It’s 11 am and Marian assisted by Stacy opens the Fete.

100_0438.JPG100_0439.JPG 100_0440.JPG

Joan in her new tabard . Heather with Teas and Coffees . Sue with the Hot Dogs

100_0441.JPG 100_0445.JPG 100_0446.JPG

  How about that for a cake stall?       .     Emily with the Hook a Duck and           .         DJ Sam with his "Sounds"

Wheres Mark? Getting more cakes  . Treasure Island, Mike disappeared                                                         .

100_0447.JPG 100_0448.JPG 100_0451.JPG

Marian’s Tombola                   .                 Ian & Kay on Bric-a-Brac          .       Sam in the Gazebo with the new clothes

100_0454.JPG 100_0457.JPG 100_0455.JPG

          Nicola & Jacqui on Clothes            .           Rosie on the Guess the ?                .         Nicola & Jacqui on Teddies

100_0456.JPG 100_0444.JPG 100_0452.JPG 100_0458.JPG

Margret on Cards       .            Penny up the wall          .          Steve in the Stocks         .      Marian on the CCLL Stall

100_0459_1.JPG 100_0488.JPG 100_0517.JPG

        Natalie on Nails &              .      Teddies Everywhere     .       Andrew took his turn!       .           Run Rosie!           

.                        Steph on Face Painting  

100_0475.JPG 100_0466.JPG 100_0468.JPG

Callum on the Tombola         .         Family Fun Face painting                 .          Finishing touches!

100_0460.JPG 100_0464.JPG

Stacy, I think Steve got you! . Looking for bargains . A steady stream of people!

DJ Sam even managed to get find Shirley Bassey or was it James Blunt to sing a tune or two for the Charity.

It was Maggie really!!! 

100_0476_1.JPG 100_0481.JPG 100_0483.JPG

There is something about water on a hot sunny day!

Our thanks go to everyone who came along to the event and to all the Link members, supporters and friends who made the day a great success.