Portsmouth/Hayling Link  

Clothes Swap Fund Raising Evening 14th August 2010

The evening event was supported by over 50 ladies who help us raise a total of £409

 The ladies were welcomed to the event by our Chair Person Marian Stapley, who introduced our Host Coordinator Stacy Lunn who organised the event.


Stacy thanked every one for supporting the event and asked her daughter Natalie to say a few words about the Charity and the Chernobyl disaster to enable everyone to have an understanding of why we were raising funds for the Link.


Prior to the event each lady was asked to donate 10 items of clothing, jewelry or accessories and make a �5 donation.

Stacy explained to the ladies how the evening would work and what the Clothes Swap entailed, The items were arranged in order and displayed for every one to see, whilst every one enjoyed their refreshments and ample supplies of tea, coffee and cakes.

IMG_1259.jpg IMG_1258.jpg IMG_1255.jpg

Stacy told each table of ladies to number themselves from 1 to 6. When the swap started all the ladies with number one went and picked an item from the selection and returned to the seats, this was then repeated through numbers 2 to 6, so each lady had an item. So after ten rounds each lady then had 10 new items to take home.

Selections of the donated items were displayed separately and were auctioned off to raise additional funds.

Refreshments and snacks were served whilst Marian announced the raffle winners.

The evening was a great social event and a chance for every one to relax whilst shopping, and as we know every lady likes a Bargain!


Even Joan had chance to sit down and relax, as Steve and Bob undertook the kitchen duties!

On behalf of the Portsmouth & Hayling Island Link we would like to thank everyone who supported us and special thanks to Stacy for all her hard work in organizing the evening.

P.s. Thanks to Steve and Bob for making the teas and coffee’s