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The following are places of interest in and around the Portsmouth and Southsea Area.

Royal Garrison Church

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The Royal Garrison Church was founded in 1212 as a hospice, the Domus Dei (God’s house), was used as a shelter for overseas pilgrims travelling to Canterbury, Chichester and Winchester. The church was closed during the dissolution under Henry VIII, part of the site being converted to a residence for the Governor of Portsmouth. The Nave of the church was gutted by a fire bomb on the 10th January 1941, hence its roofless appearance, a memorial to the blitz.
Royal Garrison church map.



Portsmouth’s Anglican Cathedral is in the historic Old Portsmouth area of the city. First built in 1185, the original church was dedicated to Thomas Becket the Archbishop of Canterbury who was famously murdered in 1170.

The church was originally owned by the Augustinian Priory of Southwick, who were a powerful force in the area at that time


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Portsmouth Dockyard is home to the three historic ships, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior and Henry VIII’s Mary Rose .
HMS Victory , Nelson’s flagship in the battle of Trafalgar 1805, is the oldest commissioned warship in the world and is still manned by Officers and Ratings of the Royal Navy. HMS Warrior the first iron clad warship, built in 1860 is full of Victorian naval artifacts and technology. 


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  The area of Old Portsmouth is also known as Spice Island which is where all the spices used to enter the city. The area features many historical buildings and features. The old defences are still in place and you can walk along the hot walls, part of the fortifications for the harbour entrance. The area of Old Portsmouth is these days home to the fishermen of Portsmouth.

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Southsea Seafront   

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The Seafront in Southsea has many attractions including the Hovercraft to Ryde in the Isle of Wight.

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Royal Marines Museum, Southsea Clarence Pier, Southsea



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