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Marian's Interview on BBC Radio Solent

KATIE MARTIN: Marian Stapley from Portsmouth volunteers for the charity Chernobyl Life Line, they offer respite holidays for children from Ukraine who have limited life expectancy and few opportunities. Marian told me that families in Ukraine are really concerned for the safety of their children during the recent troubles Kiev.

Investigating the fall-out from Chernobyl

Marian Stapley

As chairwoman of the Portsmouth and Hayling Island Link of the Chernobyl’s Children Life Line, Marian Stapley thought it appropriate to see where it all began.


She visited Ukraine last September, spending a week with families living nearby and seeing for herself the devastation the power plant explosion caused.

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Express FM Interview - With visiting Chernobyl Children June 2013




  Our Marian Stapley visited the Express FM Studio with the visiting Children from the Ukrine during    their visit to PHIL-CCLL in June 2013

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Marian's Radio Solent  2nd Interview,


 As the children returned home to the Ukraine BBC Radio Solent aired several reports thoughtout the 22nd June 2013, Our Chair person Marian Stapley was interviewed during the Children visit to Fareham Fire station.  


Just look at Sasha's face, you tell us if these children enjoyed the visit!


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Marian's Radio Solent Interview at Fareham Fire Station

 The Chernobyl Children Visited Fareham Fire Station during ther visit to PHIL-CCLL in June 2013,  BBC Radio Solent reported the event and Marian made to for the interview with Reporter,   Melanie James


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Chernobyl kids get a bird’s eye view of our city


TAKING a break from their lives in Chernobyl, 12 children visited the Spinnaker Tower.

Marian Stapley our Chair Person was hosted by  Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson the council leader of Portsmouth City Council at the Spinnaker Tower during the childrens visit in June.

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Children's Visit to Fareham Fire Station - June 2013


Liquidators Visit to Guernsey


We wer fortunate to have Mr Anatolii Gubariev visiting the Portsmouth and Hayling Island area in April 2013 to conduct a series of talks about the clean-up activities following the Chernobyl Disaster
He was commissioned to a role of a fire and rescue engineer during the period following the Chernobyl disaster. 

We have placed updates on our Blog Site and following our visit Anatolii had chance to visit the Guernsey Link and had a  BBC Radio interview


Looking for Host Families

FAMILIES in Portsmouth are being urged to put up disadvantaged children in their homes for a month.

 A total of 12 youngsters affected by the Chernobyl disaster will come to Portsmouth on May 24 for four weeks to get some much-needed respite.

Their trip is being organised by Portsmouth and Hayling Island Link of the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline – but only four of the children have got places to stay.

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Media Coverage before 2013