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Mr Anatolii Gubariev

Our LINK was fortunate to have Mr Anatolii Gubariev visit the Portsmouth and Hayling Island area in April 2013 to conduct a series of talks.

Anatolii’s Profile

He was commissioned to a role of the fire and rescue engineer during the period following the Chernobyl disaster.



Mr Anatolii Gubariev

 In May – June 1986 he took part in the liquidation of consequences of the Chernobyl accident as a plant engineer of the fire battalion vehicle fleet. He fought fires in the cable wells between the 3rd and the 4th Reactor units of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station, pumping out the “heavy” [contaminated] water from under the reactor. Also fighting fires in 30 km zone and took part in deactivation of villages in the contaminated area.

Anatolii got a first class government medal “For Distinction in Military Service” – the greatest award for a peacetime soldier in the USSR. In 1988, the world first public Chernobyl organization was founded, with participation of Mr Gubariev.

In 1990, his health conditions became worse. He was diagnosed with cutane-subcutane angio-sarkomatosis [oncological disease], and got his degree of disability. Because of this he had to resign from his job in 1992.

In 1995 he went back to work and was elected as the vice-chairman of Kharkov City Public Organization “Chernobyl Union”, Ukraine. In 2010 he became the chairperson of the organization.

During the 1998 to 2010 period he was elected as a deputy of Kharkov City Council three times. He has also got different state awards. Anatolii is doing a lot to support other liquidators, to improve their life and help their children, to organize local public activities, including opening of Chernobyl Historical Workshop in Kharkov, Ukraine.


Talks are taking place across our local area see Visit 2013 for details.