Portsmouth/Hayling Link  

Collecting Foreign Currency to Raise Funds for our Link.

Everyone has some old foreign coins or notes at home which are left over from holiday, travel or they have just been given at some time. Generally you can not cash in coins in banks or exchange bureau’s but we can collect these and sort them before we turn them into a donation.

We are looking to collect these coins or notes in and exchange them for donations towards our fundraising activities.

The currency does not need to be current circulation or in new condition, we can take any currency and either recycle it or exchange it for funds.

All you need to do is let us know you have some and we will either collect them or get you to drop them off to one of our supporters.

If you can help us please contact us:

email - portsmouth@ccll.org.uk

Twitter @chernobylphil


Thanks for your Help!