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Chernobyl  Hero's visit April 2013

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CCLL arranged for 10 Chernobyl Hero Liquidator (witnesses) to visit the UK in April to raise awareness of the 27th Anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster. The liquidators are from Belarus and Ukraine and have been directly affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

Our Link was chosen to host one of the Liquidators; we arranged a series of activities and talks across our area to raise awareness and to promote the work we do as a LINK.

We work with an organisation in Germany called Internationales Bildungs- und Begegnungswerk (IBB), who coordinated similar events across Europe. IBB funded the visit of the Liquidator and interpreter to the UK.

The objective of the visit was to raise awareness about the catastrophe of Chernobyl and to remember the millions of people who are still suffering (children and their families in the radioactive contaminated zones, liquidators, resettlers) and to inform as many people as possible about this disaster and its long-term consequences.

Two years after Fukushima and 27 years after Chernobyl the situations are similar, many people still don’t know what to eat or how high the contamination of their drinking water is.

Families in radioactive contaminated areas in Japan are not fully informed how high their radioactive contamination is – firemen, policemen and soldiers in Chernobyl were also left in the dark.

Even 27 years after Chernobyl, liquidators are excluded and forgotten, even in their own society. They fight desperately for medical help and social recognition of the work they have undertaken.

Workers in Fukushima also try to limit the catastrophe. They too are not fully informed of the dangers and consequences of the radioactive contamination, especially people living in these endangered areas in Belarus, Ukraine and Japan who complain about how little information they get.

Throughout the action week the Chernobyl Hero Liquidator witnesses will tell their stories across Europe. They will share and discuss their experiences with all generations.

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 Events and Dialogues with our Liquidator witness

The heroic deed performed by Chernobyl Heroes consists of the personal stories of hundreds of thousand of people. Many of them were there as they considered that to be their duty. Many of them paid the highest price by losing their lives or developing serious health conditions.”

‘'Chernobyl Heroes’ is the name that has been given to the brave men and women from the USSR who risked their lives to help to make safe the stricken reactor No. 4 at Chernobyl and to ‘clean up’ the highly contaminated areas in and around the site.

In just seven months, a huge sarcophagus structure was constructed out of steel and concrete to entomb the remains of the reactor building exposed to horrific deadly radioactive conditions 24/7.


Without these 'Chernobyl Heroes', Europe would have been a nuclear graveyard.

A second and far more massive explosion was only averted by the 'Chernobyl Heroes' who went in to drain off the water from under the reactor core. Had the molten core come into contact with the water it would have created a nuclear explosion of massive proportions which would have caused a ‘nuclear winter’ across Europe.

Of the 860,000 men and women who were drafted in as 'Chernobyl Heroes' over a period of three years following the disaster, it is estimated that over 25,000 have since died prematurely due to their exposure to high levels of radiation. Those that are still alive today are taking medication to try to combat the effects of the radiaton doses they received.

We are fortunate to be having Ten 'Chernobyl Heroes' both from Belarus and Ukraine to visit to give their first hand account of what took place in 1986 and years following it and how they were involved with the aftermath of the world’s worst nuclear disaster. This is a unique opportunity to listen to and question witnesses from Chernobyl, to get to the truth of what really happened and the terrible consequences resulting from it.


Read about the Chernobyl Heroes in the event booklet, Download as Booklet


Download a Poster about the 2013 Action Week.


Our Link hosted a series of events across the Portsmouth & Hayling Island area, to provide information about the Chernobyl disaster, the CCLL charity and the work our Link do each year to support the four week visit of a group of Chernobyl Children for a recuperative break in the local area.



Our LINK was fortunate to have Mr Anatolii Gubariev with us in the Portsmouth and Hayling Island area; he was commissioned to a role of the fire and rescue engineer during the period following the Chernobyl disaster.


The following is a summary of the events that were hosted.


14 April -  Arrive in the UK

15 April - Southdown's College -  Download Presentation

15 April - Milton Village Hall -   Download Presentation

16 April - Visit to Bognor Regis Supporters

16 April - Portsmouth City Council Presentation Download Presentation

16 April - Portsmouth Football Club - Pompey v IBV

17 April - Hampshire Fire Service Presentation  -   Download Presentation

17 April - Shepherds Crook Pub, Milton

18 April - Havant College    Download Presentation

19 April - Portsmouth University  Download Presentation

20 April - Visit to Portsmouth Dockyard

21 April - Visit to the Royal Marines Museum, Southsea - and other areas of Portsmouth

22 April - King Richard School, Paulsgrove  

22 April - Sainsbury's Cafe - Broadcut Fareham -  Download Presentation

23 April - Visit to House of Commons - London

24 April - Hayling Dinner Party  

25 April - Havant College - Lantern Release in Southsea  Download Presentation

26 April Travel to Salisbury                  

26 April - Evensong  at Salisbury Cathedral

27 April - Stonehenge and around Salisbury - South Wilts farewell

28 April - Travel to Guernsey - Annual Fundraising Lunch - Visit the Chernobyl Monument

29 April - Grammar School Visit - Visit Bailiff of Guernsey

30 April - La Mare de Carteret School Visit - BBC Radio Guernsey Interview

30 April - PHIL Farewell

1st May - Return to Ukraine

We have added photos on to our gallery, and will be updating the web pages to record Anatolii and Irina's visit. 

Thanks for your Support

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