Pinxton and East Derbyshire Link  

Welcome to the Pinxton & East Derbyshire Link of the Chernobyl Children Life Line

We are part of a national charity founded in 1992 by Victor Mizzi M.B.E. Since then over 150 "Links" have been established throughout the United Kingdom, raising money to support the children of Belarus, and Ukraine whose lives will be forever affected by the aftermath of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986

The charity is a totally voluntary charity with all funds raised being used for its intended purpose in helping the unfortunate child victims of the worlds worst nuclear disaster improve their health and restore some hope in their lives

The main aims of the charity are to

Raise the funds to bring children to the UK for a one month recuperative break, free from the harmful nuclear isotopes and heavy metals that have affected their lives so much. Whilst here they stay with voluntary host families eating good clean healthy food and breathing fresh uncontaminated air, all in ana effort to rebuild their much depleted immune systems. Each link is autonomous in raising its own funds and finding its own host families but collectively brings around 3,000 children here each year to the UK for four weeks of fresh air, uncontaminated food, fun, love and attention together with dental treatment, eye check ups and any other medical help that may be available

Provide where possible support to their meagre income (especially when there is no state support) so that over 1,000 needy families can buy food, clothing and other basic necessities

Fund respite care for sick children in sanatoriums or respite camps in Belarus for the children (and their families) that are too ill to travel. These facilities also have specialist medical resources and nursing

Supporting hospitals, orphanages, schools and other social institutions where possible

Offering physical help and support within the community. One such major achievement was the building of a laundry that also provides a regular supply of hot water for showers, and has become the focal point of the community

Promoting awareness as to the environmental, social and personal consequences such an accident has inflicted and the problems created for future generations to comeImagine: Living the rest of your life in a radioactive polluted environment where there is no escape and money cannot buy protection

Imagine: Eating contaminated food that may harm or even kill you, but what else can you do

Imagine: Coming to the UK and eating fresh food and breathing fresh air and going home with your immune system recharged

Imagine: Knowing that there are people that DO care, but you are dependant on the kindness of someone you don’t know to provide this for your child

Just imagine ……… Close your eyes for a minute and imagine your life is like this ……………….