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Tim Tynan's Triathlon Map

Over the course of 2016 Tim will be running, cycling and swimming the distance from Bristol, UK to Ossipovichi, Belarus and back again a total distance of 2,920 miles. It will be through a series of formal events including the new Gloucester Marathon and the popular Bath Half Marathon as well as all the training miles it will take to prepare for these.

Tim will also be doing some micro-events along the way such as rock climbing the height of the elevation between where  Bristol and Minsk in Belarus. No doubt there will be some other crazy schemes plotted along the way. Suggestions to keep it interesting are very welcome.

Tim’s training runs average 8 miles per day with an extra Park Run on Saturdays of 5 miles. Will ramp up to 11 miles nearer the first full marathon.

Tim would be grateful for any support you can give whether it be a donation, help with repairing a temperamental bike or getting your trainers on and running alongside him.

You can support Tim via his  JustGiving  page.

You can also donate by text. Just send the code CCLL73 followed by the amount you wish to donate (e.g. £3) to 70070.

Tims September Update

Tim's target is to cover 2,920 miles, the distance from Bristol to Osipovichi and back.

Up to 5tht November he has covered 2,418 miles and aims to finish on New Years Day.