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Osipovichi is situated appoximately 120 kilometers south-east of the capital Minsk, 3 kilometers off the Gomel/Minsk highway in the Mogilev Oblast (region). You may also see the town's name spelt "Asipovichi".


The town has a population of 34,300 (2006) and the main commercial activities are machine building, food industry, production of building materials, cars and a locomotive depot. The railway station splits the town in two, with main lines to Minsk, Gomel, Mogilev and Baranovichi. The main road in town is Sumchenko Street.

The Bristol link have been hosting children from the town and surrounding villages (including Protesavichi) since the summer of 2007. Several of our members have visited the town and have had tours of the Gymnasia (grammer school) and School Number 1.


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